Monday, October 18, 2010

Confessions of a Bookworm: Charms4You (Open Worldwide)

Confessions of a Bookworm: Charms4You (Open Worldwide): "If you love Harry Potter, and like wearing jewelry, check out Charms4You! One lucky winner will receive a 100% sterling silver Harry Potter ..."

For All Harry Potter Fans!!

Confessions of a Bookworm: Magical Mischief Giveaway!: "Witches and Wizards, step right up! Step right up! Are you planning to partake in some magical mischief? I've got everything you can think ..."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Favorite Rings

Gold Diamond by Forever 21
Silver Diamond by Forever 21
Pink Rose by Karma (online shop)
Rainbow Flower by Lovely Sugar
Gold Black by Naughty
Gold Brown by Naughty
Shocking Pink by Naughty
My 4 Best Rings

My Favorite Necklaces

Cream by Forever 21

Silver by Forever 21
Rainbow by Misskimos (online shop)
Pearl from my mom
Clam and Batik by Lovely Sugar
Gold Heart by Forever 21
Necklace and Bracelet Magnet by Lovely Sugar

My Favorite Bracelets

Gold by Essencee
Gold by Forever 21
Synthetic Wood by Forever 21
Wooden by Bali Accessories
Bronze by Forever 21
Rhinestone and Stone by Lovely Sugar

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Color Part 2 : Pinky Peach

OPI : DS Opulence + Princesses Rule

Oh, I very bery love this color! Called it Two Tone.. I get this inspiration to use two matching colors when I looked at poster of nail art lessons. I finally tried to apply them alone and this is the result.

For the base, I used the Princesses Rule. To covered the top nail, I have to polish it again and again so that the color looks thick. Basically, the Princesses Rule has a pink transparent but with a touch of gold-silver gliter. To get this results like the picture, I need five steps. But be careful when polished, because the nail polish can be clot.

For brushes, I don't need to discuss because just like an explanation of OPI. The texture is easy to wear. 1-2 times for polishing, it still looks pink transparent color. 3-4 times a polish, a little bit more bold colors, but the nails are still visible. After 5-6 times polish, then we get a very pretty pink color.

While for the nail of (the cross) I use the DS Opulence. Once polish is enough, so that the color pink is not too different from nail base color. Because if we polish Opulence too much, the color will be pink with a little bit purple colors. Using Opulence, I drew a line sloping about 45 degrees. Try this like creating French tip.

As a cover, I added a pink flower-shaped nail stickers (because it is still in a flowery summer theme) and I was wearing a gold glitter top coat clear from the Face Shop.

VOTE : ★★★


Color for Test

OPI : DS Opulence

Well, actually this is not nail art because I only polish without giving decorations. This can be said only testing the nail color.

Opulence is very good, I very recommended this. The color is pink with a little touch of purple and gold-silver glitter. It's look so elegant. The first step made it pink color, perfect for summer. If we polished again, will make getting more dark and will be more a little purple.

The texture is quite thick, although not thick like OPI Suede. OPI's brush just like the others, easy to apply. The different only at the bottle caps. If the cap of OPI is usually black, for OPI DS (Designer Series), the cap's metallic silver, makes it look elegant.

VOTE : ★★★★★